Restaurant Pull
Outstanding meat dishes

Restaurant PULL is recommended in the 2023 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Estonia.

The founders of the Pull (Bull in English) Restaurant include Enn Tobreluts, Estonia’s most authoritative meat specialist and grill master, and therefore, one can be sure that the meat dishes served here are outstanding. Most of the dishes are prepared over an open fire. And it is definitely worth trying the ‘dirty steak’, which is cooked in charcoal, and has become one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. The menu also includes fish and vegan dishes, but it is the very plentiful and high-quality meat selection that is so impressive. Fresh salads and a large selection of wines to accompany the meat are also on offer.

Restaurants PULL and HÄRG are owned by famous grill masters Enn Tobreluts and Andres Tuule. PULL was founded in 2016 and HÄRG in 2018.

Restaurant PULL aims to offer its customers best quality steaks, meats cooked on low temperatures, delicious grill dishes together with super-healthy salads etc. Fine wines and other beverages are also available. All wines are available by glass and bottle, some of them with Coravin method. Only premium quality raw produce is used at PULL, sourced from the best farms and manufacturers across the world. The emphasis here is to cook on real fire as most dishes are being cooked over hot charcoal, and some even inside the charcoal. One of the restaurant’s signatory dishes is Enn Tobreluts’ ‘dirty steak’, where the meat is cooked directly in the charcoal. The most popular entrees at the Pull are our famous Angus marble steak, beef ribs, pulled pork, Pull’s burger, famous duck, salmon on plank, ceviche, superfood salad and much more.

Outstanding meat dishes

Pull Resto, an exquisite dining establishment, offers a captivating culinary experience that merges traditional and modern flavors. With a focus on local ingredients, our talented chefs craft delectable dishes that celebrate Estonian gastronomy. Through our warm and inviting ambiance, accompanied by impeccable service, we strive to create memorable moments for our cherished guests. Join us at Pull Resto and embark on a remarkable culinary journey, where passion and innovation meet to tantalize your taste buds.