Modern Slavic cuisine

Modern Slavic food with great passion!

Moon was established around fifteen years ago when the top chefs in Estonian cuisine at that time, Roman Zaštšerinski and Igor Andrejev, decided to leave high cuisine, return to their roots, and open a family restaurant together with Roman’s wife Jana. As one of the few restaurants in Tallinn, Moon represents modern Slavic cuisine. Since the beginning, with minor changes, the menu includes classics such as borscht, dumplings, blinis, and stuffed pies. Moon’s chefs have the ability to conjure up flavors worthy of haute cuisine even from less expensive ingredients. Over the years, their work has been highly praised by both locals and professional food critics and guides.

38 RESTAURANT cuisine strives to push the boundaries of traditional flavours, in chef Joonas Koppel signature style.

We love the image of this colourful bold flower. Quite an unusual name for a restaurant… Even more unexpected is the location – mentally very far from fancy Old Town, at the same time so close to the sea and very much in the centre. Now already ten years ago head chefs Roman and Igor decided to quit their careers pursuing high end gastronomy goals and to go back to their culinary roots. Thus Restaurant Moon was born. One of our good friends said after his first visit to Moon – “You have to look back in order to move forward!”

MOON [mo:n] means poppy in Estonian.

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