Mantel ja Korsten
Flavors in a small wooden house in Kadriorg

lovely restaurant in a green wooden house

The Mantel ja Korsten restaurant in the green wooden house with a red roof in Kadriorg combines cozy hominess with elegant cuisine. The name comes from the architectural rarity of a mantle chimney, in which a small private room is located. The restaurant offers a nuanced Mediterranean cuisine, presented in a simple Estonian style. The dishes surprise not only with their tastes, but also with the simplicity and naturalness with which domestic and foreign ingredients are melded into a harmonious whole. The exciting drinks menu is also a separate value. Trust the sommelier who offers the best!

The new signature kitchen offers various great Mediterranean inspired dishes that you can complement with wines and other drinks. Our main goal is to provide food that is not only tasty but also simple and made of wholesome natural ingredients forming a harmonious whole.

Welcome to the restaurant MANTEL JA KORSTEN!