Modern meat restaurant

Resturant HÄRG was awarded a Bib Gourmand also in the 2023 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Estonia!

The founders of the Härg (Ox in English) Restaurant are two Estonian meat specialists and grill masters – Enn Tobreluts and Andres Tuule. The menu favourites include high-quality steaks, slow-cooked meat, and grilled dishes. The menu also features lamb, pork and duck dishes, fish, seafood, vegetarian dishes and healthy salads. The Härg’s modern interior design, which has been deemed worthy of a nomination for the annual prize awarded by the Estonian Association of Interior Architects, makes it special and festive. In the summer the restaurant expands onto the terrace, and the courtyard can accommodate larger groups of guests.

Restaurants HÄRG and PULL are owned by famous grill masters Enn Tobreluts and Andres Tuule. PULL was founded in 2016 and HÄRG in 2018.

Enn is internationally recognized BBQ and grill chef and catering owner and a valued consultant to the local meat industry. He is also the Head Judge at the local grilling festival Grillfest and main distributor with his company BBQ Entertainment OÜ to various BBQ products, spices, wines, gins, tonic waters etc. His work started in 1996, when he was just 20 years old, in 2016 he was awarded a lifetime achievement award ”Remarkable contribution towards developing Estonian barbecue culture”. Andres Tuule, the general manager of PULL and HÄRG, has been working in catering and restaurant industry over 30 years.

Modern meat restaurant

With entrance from Tornimäe street you can also find restaurant Härg with it’s relaxing outside terrace right in middle of the contemporary city.