Tallinn City Museum
Seven Stories About Tallinn

Seven Stories About Tallinn

Exhibitions, interesting and educational tours and lecture series – there is something for everyone at the Tallinn City Museum. The City Life Museum reveals the history of the city’s development from its earliest years to the present day in a medieval merchant’s house. The Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum is comprised of four towers and bastion walkways. The Museum of Photography, which is located in the Old Town Jail, introduces the history of photography and organises exhibitions of modern photographs. Located in a formerly poor neighbourhood, which is now an urban business district, the Gallery Seek welcomes lovers of photography from May to October. Tallinn Russian Museum presents the cultural heritage of the Russian-speaking community. The House of Peter the Great recalls the past in the Tsarist state. The Kalamaja Museum is a pleasant community centre.

he museum was established in 1937 to preserve, present, and research the history and cultural heritage of Tallinn.

The collections of the City Museum now include c 150,000 items connected to the history of Tallinn. The first statutes of the Tallinn City Museum from 1937 declare: “The aim of the Historical Museum of the City of Tallinn is to acquie, collect and preserve all items of historic and artistic value and related to cultural history that directly or indirectly are related to Tallinn, their research and presentation to the wider public.”

We currently run 7 museums