PROTO Invention Factory
The Magical World of Inventions

Explore, invent and discover

Immerse yourself in an interactive fantasy world. Experience the great scientific discoveries of centuries past through unique prototypes brought to life by cutting-edge technology. The wondrous machines that await you here are like something out of Jules Verne’s laboratory. The only place you could find more fantasies is in your dreams!

Send a rocket into space, compete on a bike racing track and glide high above everyone's heads!

The PROTO Invention Factory is the first educational virtual reality centre where centuries-old scientific discoveries are revealed – unique protypes that are brought to life by modern 21st-century virtual reality technology. The interactive fantasy world exhibits provide an opportunity to experiment and understand physical phenomena from a completely new angle. The magic of virtual realities provides an opportunity to experience exciting adventures in time and space, as well as in the imaginations of past scientists, for example, to bore into the heart of the Earth, race in a self-driving car, or explore the ocean floor. At PROTO, everyone can become an inventor.

Discover The Magical World of Inventions