Sauna experience on the border of land and sea

Take time... at Iglupark

Iglupark combines three essential aspects – work, leisure, and health - in Noblessner, one of the trendiest areas in Tallinn located not far from the Old Town and the fashionable Kalamaja district. The rental Iglusaunas, Igluoffices and Igluhuts are located literally on the sea, so the views of passing ships can be enjoyed while taking a hot sauna, sitting at a conference table, as well as from the spacious cottage terraces. One of the most exciting extra features of the world-class sauna experience is the possibility to jump into the Baltic Sea, if you dare. A crazy adventure you will never forget!

Iglupark brings together

Iglupark brings together three essential aspects of every person's life - work, leisure and health - into a well thought-through unity and offers the opportunity to take the time to do just that by visiting the Igluoffice, the Igluhouse and the Iglusauna. This unique idea awaits you in Tallinn's most vibrant area, on the border of sea and land, in the heart of the city, yet in a natural environment. Enjoy the endless horizon, fresh air, a comfortable stay on the terrace and most importantly - the time for yourself. Do it on your own, as a couple or together with friends, and when the sun is replaced by the moon, you can dream away or go out and discover what Tallinn has to offer.

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